Sparkle and Calm Cards


Sparkle and Calm Cards: Pocket-sized affirmations and mindful activities designed for children, promoting positivity and emotional well-being on the go.


Introducing Sparkle and Calm Cards – the perfect companion for nurturing mindfulness and positivity in children.

At Sparkle and Calm, we understand the importance of fostering emotional well-being from an early age. That’s why we’ve crafted these delightful affirmation cards specifically with children in mind.

Our Sparkle and Calm Cards are more than just affirmations; they’re a gateway to a world of mindfulness and self-discovery. Each card is thoughtfully designed to spark joy and instill a sense of calmness in young minds. With colorful illustrations and playful language, these pocket-sized treasures are as fun as they are enlightening.

Inside each pack, you’ll find a diverse range of mindful activity ideas and affirmations tailored to children’s needs. Whether it’s a gentle reminder to breathe deeply, a playful exercise in gratitude, or a soothing affirmation to boost confidence, these cards are sure to ignite a sense of positivity and self-assurance.

Compact and portable, our Sparkle and Calm Cards are designed to accompany your child wherever they go. Slip them into lunch boxes, purses, wallets, or keep them on the bedside table for a bedtime ritual that promotes relaxation and peace.

With Sparkle and Calm Cards, you’re not just giving a product; you’re giving the gift of mindfulness and resilience. Help your child navigate life’s ups and downs with confidence and grace. Order your set of Sparkle and Calm Cards today and watch as your child’s inner sparkle shines brighter than ever before.

  • 35 pocket size cards
  • Draw string pouch
  • Proudly designed and made in Australia

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 2 cm


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